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Elevators for passengers and materials are temporarily installed in building sites and public works (bridges, viaducts, etc.)

They can also be installed in permanent basis to provide access wherever there is a need of continuous accessibility. For example in storage silos, thermal power stations, chimneys, wells & shafts, etc....

ELEVADORES ALHER offers two different elevators for passengers and materials, T5-CR and T10-CR models. This last one offering three possible configurations with different cabin dimensions and maximum payloads.

We have developed an adaptation of T2-CRP and T25-CRP hoist models, incorporating a completely closed cabin. These machines are provided with all the safety elements required to allow the elevation of persons and/ or materials.

Brochure download (T5-CR/T10-CR)
Brochure download (T2-CRP/T25-CRP)

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